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trEXIF Image Reader

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trEXIF v5.7.0 Release Notes

  • Utilises EXIFTool by Phil Harvey (if present in the same folder)
  • Single Image per Source
  • Revised interface
  • Facility to interrupt a batch process (click on image area)
  • More camera support
  • Improved Batch Processing Performance
  • Compression bug fixes
  • Built-in MakerNote Data Extraction
  • Revised font interface
  • Folder Exposure Averages
  • Ability to locate pictures taken by a specific camera
  • Ability to store and locate by embedded image comments
  • Longer user comments (embedded in image file)
  • More concise data representation
  • New shortcuts with automatic Windows XP and higher folder Locations
  • One-button copy to user-defined portfolio
  • More camera equipment support
  • Improved folder browsing history
  • Improved file handling, interface & Region Support
  • Creates any missing DATE Tags (Better EXIF Compliancy)
  • EXIF file export
  • Suitable for image archiving
  • Supports JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, RLE & DIB
  • trEXIF Overview

    trexif image Primarily an EXIF Image Information Reader, Analyser & Archiving Tool, trEXIF relies on standard meta-data coupled with the understanding of maker specific information to provide you with as much data as is available.

    With applications in Medicine (X-Ray & scans archiving), Archaeology, Religion & Law, trEXIF makes an indispensable tool for archiving images and documents with easy access to locate your information.

    Typical Uses: Compression, Organisation and Location of Images, Resolution Extinction, Lens Optimum Aperture Sharpness, Depth of Field, Light fall off, Ghosting & Flaring, Chromatic Aberrations, Luminance & Chrominance Noise, Accuracy & Consistency of Metering Systems, Highlights & Underexposure, Vignetting, Tone Curves, Contrast & Sharpness Levels.

    Key Features

    Uses trIAC (TRaffic Image Analysis & Compression) Technology

    trEXIF is based on the tried, tested and regularly updated trIAC graphics engine which can produce both 100% accurate Histograms and also display our Luminance and Chrominance Charts for an even better understanding of your pictures' exposure.

    Efficient & User Friendly Interface

    The way in digital photo information is presented is very important. In trEXIF, you simply select a folder and scroll through the list of photos rather than going through lengthy menu procedures to select an photo for viewing. trEXIF also allows you to include subfolders and select photos taken with a specific camera or containing a specific content.

    EXIF Data Copy & Paste

    The use of commercially available software generally fails to include all of the EXIF Data back into the image. By keeping a copy of the original image, you can now copy such information from the original and paste back into the edited file.

    Superior Photo Compression

    The configurable photo compression feature is fast and uses what is probably the most lossless compression algorithm to date. Developed in-house, the compression feature can be used for either a single image or in batch process mode providing you with the facility to compress all your images in a selected folder. At 92% (default) compression, your images retain the original dimensions and yet, the file size is reduced to around 70% of its original size with no visible artifacts.

    Photo Date and Time Correction

    The file date and time information of an photo can be easily corrected using the Date & Time Change Utility which uses date and time information obtained from the image file itself. This important utility allows you to sort files by date in both Windows Explorer and any other file browsing utility. The can be executed for a single photo or for all photos in a folder and subsequent subfolders.

    trEXIF also allows for the Editing of the Date Taken, Date Digitized and Date Modified EXIF data. This can be very useful for changing these dates if, for example, your camera's date and time were not properly set or if you would like to hide the fact that a photo was edited. trEXIF, unlike most other commercial applications, DOES NOT DESTROY any of your EXIF information.

    Folder Exposure Averages

    Works out average focal length, Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO for the folder you're currently working with.

    Batch Photo Resizing & Naming

    For batch image resizing, the Create Resized Images utility included in trEXIF will do this for you. A new subfolder is automatically created where the resized and compressed copies of your photos are stored while leaving your original photos intact. Both the compression quality and picture size parameters can be configured..

    Other Features

  • Single Image per Source (most useful when including sub-folders)
  • Built-in MakerNote Data Extraction
  • Folder Exposure Averages
  • Accurate Histogram, Luminance & Chrominance Charts
  • Automated & Logical Image Name Renaming
  • Full Screen Slide Show with Customisable Timer
  • Embedded Comments within JPEG Files
  • Folder Contents Search
  • Folder Image Categorisation
  • Maintenance & Search Comments within JPEG Files
  • Fast and Smooth scrolling of images in Actual Size Mode
  • Image Filtering by Camera Make & Model
  • Image Filtering by Date
  • Image Filtering by EXIF Details
  • Image Rotation & Flipping
  • Intuitive and Efficient File Browsing
  • New Cameras added Regularly
  • Updated Regularly
  • Minimum System Requirements

    1. Microsoft Windows™ XP (SP2) and above
    2. Intel Pentium™ 3 running at 500MHz or AMD™ equivalent
    3. 512MB RAM
    4. 30-50MB Hard Disk Space
    5. SVGA (800x600) Graphics Adapter with 24 bit colour support

    trEXIF Free Download

    The free trial version is fully functional but has a 10 minute time limit and will run for a maximum of 5 times before it will require registration.

    Download FREE trEXIF Trial Version   [Version: 5.7.0 - Size: 11.5Mb]

    Installation Instructions: Unzip the trEXIF files to a temporary setup folder and double click setup to start the installation procedure, then follow the installation instructions on the screen.

    trEXIF Product Registration

    Product Registration costs €1

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